BEE Scorecard (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned company that specializes in web based solutions for the BEE Services industry.

BEE Scorecard (Pty) Ltd. was founded in April 2005 against the backdrop of much confusion in the BEE industry and a growing need for BEE knowledge and transparent BEE measurements.

To meet this need, BEE Scorecard developed the BEE Navigator. BEE Navigator is an inline BEE rating and verification system designed to give BEE Auditors unparalleled levels of business efficiency.

BEE Navigator improves audit tunaround times and service levels, and ensures high levels of client satisfaction. Improved audit efficiency reduces costs and optimises profit for the audit practice. Real-time online processing minimises the risk of errors and gives the Auditor complete peace of mind. At the same time, BEE Navigator gives South African businesses a new level of visibility and control of their BEE status.


D.D'Aguiar, R.Matthee, F.Ward


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